Monday, February 15, 2010


So yesterday i got the bright idea that i could stick just my legs in the tanning bed to get some color since im an albino...Well i must have not realized how white i was because i woke up and couldn't even straighten my legs they were so burnt!! behind my knees felt like i was going to rip the skin if i straightened them all the of course all i did today was sit in the recliner and watch mom and katie fold i know..Really tried to eat no carbs or sugar today because of the diabetes it was super hard! i didn't realize how much stuff had carbs its basically everything but meat eggs and peanut butter! I go to the cardiologist tomorrow to get an ultrasound on my heart to make sure its not enlarged and stuff, then wednesday i go to a 4 hour class on gestational diabetes :( boo! It starts at 7:30 a.m thats the only part that bothers me im not really a morning person lol ...enough negative stuff! Jacob got to call just long enough to tell me happy valentines day yesterday it made my night! i really wasn't expecting it so it was a great surprise! well now im going to try and figure out how to post pictures and update this thing hopefully it will be easy!

elizabeth ann!

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