Monday, February 8, 2010

New at this..

This is kinda weird typing but here's whats going on in my life...(not very interesting)
Today i woke up and thought i was loosing amniotic fluid so i called my dr and they sent me to labor and delivery at huntsville hospital..They ran some test and checked me and told me he was very low but i wasn't dilated and the test came back ok :) so they sent me home..Then me and dad went to stanlieo's and ate a Ruben sandwhich (wasn't very good) When i got home me mom and katie watched the bachelor which was really corny tonight!! Viener needs to go home! I'm team Gia! she is gorgeous and so sweet! annnyways I'm bout to soak in a epson salt bath to try and soothe my sore body! blah!

elizabeth ann

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  1. Yay , Go Elizabeth!!! Next time try adding pictures! And if you need help with it just text me. You're probably going to have to upgrade your blog thingy so it's easier to post pictures!!