Saturday, February 13, 2010

6 weeks 3 days!

so... alot of medical stuff going on right now..I went to the cardiologist this past wednesday and they put me on a heart monitor for two weeks :( i even have to sleep in it and keep this cell phone with in 10 feet of me at all times so that it can get the signal from the monitor and send it to this 24 hour place that is recording my heart rate and the stupid thing doesn't stay charged! very annoying! also found out i failed my glucose test so i have gestational diabetes! boo! no more sweets for me :( BUUUTT my baby boy is doing just fine!! which is a big relief and helps me be strong to get through all this crap! i can't believe he will be here in 6 weeks 3 days! Jacob left for the field AGAIN this morning bless his heart and says he will be back around march 13th..I'm really hoping Gunner doesn't try to come early! I'm not showing any signs right now so thats good :) I got a feeling he is going to be a BIG boy though cause the dr said he was really low yet i can still feel him in my ribs! I guess thats it for now..

Elizabeth Green

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  1. Hey honey, sorry you are going threw so much right now! Everything will be over before you know it and you will have an amazing little man in your arms =)

    As for the big boy thing you never really know!He could be really long! However nick dropped when I was 22weeks pregnant and sat on my pelvic bone the rest of the time! I could feel him high up in my ribs and still all the presure from his head! Given he was born at 36 weeks 6days he weighed in 6.4lbs and was 20in so you really never know! But it sounds like you will have a little mover on your hands, nick is already attempting to crawl!!! CRAZY!!!!

    Good Luck Sweetie!