Monday, February 15, 2010


So yesterday i got the bright idea that i could stick just my legs in the tanning bed to get some color since im an albino...Well i must have not realized how white i was because i woke up and couldn't even straighten my legs they were so burnt!! behind my knees felt like i was going to rip the skin if i straightened them all the of course all i did today was sit in the recliner and watch mom and katie fold i know..Really tried to eat no carbs or sugar today because of the diabetes it was super hard! i didn't realize how much stuff had carbs its basically everything but meat eggs and peanut butter! I go to the cardiologist tomorrow to get an ultrasound on my heart to make sure its not enlarged and stuff, then wednesday i go to a 4 hour class on gestational diabetes :( boo! It starts at 7:30 a.m thats the only part that bothers me im not really a morning person lol ...enough negative stuff! Jacob got to call just long enough to tell me happy valentines day yesterday it made my night! i really wasn't expecting it so it was a great surprise! well now im going to try and figure out how to post pictures and update this thing hopefully it will be easy!

elizabeth ann!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

6 weeks 3 days!

so... alot of medical stuff going on right now..I went to the cardiologist this past wednesday and they put me on a heart monitor for two weeks :( i even have to sleep in it and keep this cell phone with in 10 feet of me at all times so that it can get the signal from the monitor and send it to this 24 hour place that is recording my heart rate and the stupid thing doesn't stay charged! very annoying! also found out i failed my glucose test so i have gestational diabetes! boo! no more sweets for me :( BUUUTT my baby boy is doing just fine!! which is a big relief and helps me be strong to get through all this crap! i can't believe he will be here in 6 weeks 3 days! Jacob left for the field AGAIN this morning bless his heart and says he will be back around march 13th..I'm really hoping Gunner doesn't try to come early! I'm not showing any signs right now so thats good :) I got a feeling he is going to be a BIG boy though cause the dr said he was really low yet i can still feel him in my ribs! I guess thats it for now..

Elizabeth Green

Monday, February 8, 2010

New at this..

This is kinda weird typing but here's whats going on in my life...(not very interesting)
Today i woke up and thought i was loosing amniotic fluid so i called my dr and they sent me to labor and delivery at huntsville hospital..They ran some test and checked me and told me he was very low but i wasn't dilated and the test came back ok :) so they sent me home..Then me and dad went to stanlieo's and ate a Ruben sandwhich (wasn't very good) When i got home me mom and katie watched the bachelor which was really corny tonight!! Viener needs to go home! I'm team Gia! she is gorgeous and so sweet! annnyways I'm bout to soak in a epson salt bath to try and soothe my sore body! blah!

elizabeth ann