Monday, March 1, 2010

Getting so close

Only 29 more days til Gunner makes his grand entrance into the world! i can't believe he will be born this month!!! it seems to good to be true, i feel like i have been pregnant for years..The gestational diabetes is killling me not being able to eat what i want! my food schedule is 30 carbs for breakfast 60 for lunch and 60 for supper and just so you know about how much that is one piece of bread has about 23 carbs! And fruit is full of carbs EVERYTHING has carbs! and if it doesn't then its most likely nasty or eggs,meat,peanut butter or nuts..Any whoooo jacob has some phone that he haas been using that i can call but he can't call out so every now and then i get to talk to him when he is around it to answer which makes the days he answers so much better! I found out GREAATTT news today my sister and brother in law and their two kids will be moving to camp pendelton which is only 40 min away verses the 2 hour and 45 min away where they soon to be used to live :) Makes me feel a whole lot better having family closer and knowing that Gunner will be able to grow up with cousins close to his age :) This month i am pampering myself because im sure it will be the last time for a long long time! I'm getting my hair done tomorrow, a massage and mary kay make over on wednesday, getting my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure sometime closer to the end of the month and every thursday at 3:30 i go to the ob/gyn for a check up so i have a good bit to keep me busy :) which i stiiiill need to pack my  hospital bag and buy a breast pump then i should be completely ready wooohoo!

Sooooo ready for the end of the month!

elizabeth ann

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  1. Way to go on updating! I love being able to catch up on your life on here. I can't WAIT til the summer when we move close to yall! We will get to make new family traditional get togethers, it'll be great!! I am thrilled to have a nephew, I can't wait to meet the little booger!!